Saturday, March 5, 2011

life drawing numero seis

Still progressing, but slowly. The model this week had never modeled before. . . and, though she was a great sport, it kind of showed in the someone limited variety of poses she took. Or, you know, I just didn't have my drawing game on. Whichever. (There's a whole lot of games I don't seem to have on this week, including my "timely blogging" game. . . erk.)

Okay warmups. . .
This sketch was pretty homely, I thought. I kept making her stumpier and thicker than she really was.

Liked this one a lot. She had this awesome tattoo on her left shoulder, but sadly I couldn't really see the details, nor did I have the colors to render it convincingly.

This was actually the last sketch, but it was so shitty I didn't want to put it last in this entry.

This one I thought came out all right -- it looked reasonably like the model through the face, at least.

Only one more week of life drawing. :/

When I go to Japan I'll have to make sure I actually sketch this time.

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