Tuesday, March 1, 2011

crap from the past

I was going to try for a play on "blast from the past," but then I ended up with "crast from the past," and that's just no good. Maybe "crapst from the past." Yeah, that has a ring to it.

First, a disclaimer: I AM NOT ACTUALLY A HOARDER. I JUST HAVE ISSUES. WITH THROWING AWAY STUFF. SOMETIMES. Typically, I collect bits and pieces of things I find really interesting for a couple years, then struggle to throw it all away. . . I had a brain wave before moving back from MIT and took pictures of anything that made me sad to throw out (but was pretty sure I had no reason to keep.) Yeah, I could have scanned some of this stuff and gotten better quality pictures, but the picture-taking process leaves bonus relics of the time and the place I did it in, which at some point I suspect I will value more than what the pictures purport to be of.

The primary thing I threw out was in fact around 150 cards received while at college, from various relatives, but mainly my mom. Mom: Showing her love with seasonal cards since 2006. (actually well before that, but you get the idea.)

And now. . . a tour through the crap I no longer possess! (The image above is of the practice casts we made of various body parts in 4.302 in wax and plaster. . . so there is an unpleasant closeup of my upper lip. Damn I loved that class.)

I love Orbit gum, and I loved this packaging run. Why did you have to end it, Orbit??

Printed guide from a particularly great exhibit at the Boston MFA: shoooooooes.

I think I wimped out and didn't actually throw this away -- Art Nouveau/Art Deco travel prints of Italy, possibly the Best Calendar Ever.

A daylight study from what was undoubtedly my Worst Studio Project ever (despite two all-nighters pulled in its service), a visitor center for a lighthouse, with the added bonus of being able to see Marilyn working away on her computer in the background.

Page 1 from the giant four-page cheat sheet spread I made for a test in either 5.07 or 5.08. Pretty sure I still got either a C or a D on the test anyway. (Biochem, peeps. Not my best subject.)

Castle from a calendar of Ireland photos.

Supercute packaging from a Japanese brand of graham-cracker-and-chocolate cookies. Purchased, surprisingly, not while I was in Japan, but instead at a Japanese bakery somewhere in west Boston.

Sketches from the first project I worked on at Issho Architects, a wind vane to encourage smokers to smoke in a direction away from other pedestrians. . . my contribution was less than useless, but it produced these rather entertaining drawings.

Ditto the above. . . one of the principals suggested illustrating the concept in a manga-type style, so I took a stab at it. (Perhaps obviously,) this was not in the final presentation. :/

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