Tuesday, March 1, 2011

blog bait?

It made me kind of sad when I realized that, sadly, there are no gimmicks that will get me more pageviews. I have been carefully inspecting my Google analytics account for trends in this blog, and I have found that the following things bring me visitors:

1. New and interesting entries on Lang-8. (I think people read them and then click on my blog link.)
2. New and interesting art/graphic design by me.
3. More pictures on my blog's front page, preferably of my own generation -- if it's a picture from somewhere else then it needs to be compiled into some interesting format.
4. Leaving intelligent commentary on other people's blogs.

Sadly, those are all worky thoughtful time-consuming things. Absent-minded ramblings and peppering the air with links just don't seem to do it.

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