Wednesday, March 30, 2011

in other news: sushitimes

As I wait anxiously to figure out whether I'm going to be able to go to Japan or not. . .

Last night Mom and I went to Wasabi Sushi in Omaha with Joanna, Chris, and Bobby. It was quite delicious. It was an all-you-can-eat service -- everyone paid $22.95 and marked down what they wanted on the sheets, and then they made it fresh for you. Mom was worried because there was an added charge if you left food on the plates -- what if we ordered some sushi we didn't like?

To which I said, "Then I will EAT IT ALL."

It has been too long since I had sushi, tempura, and udon. Yum. (Added side note -- was very pleased to notice that I could still use chopsticks easily, though I still can't eat slippery udon in soup very well.)

First picture is Chris's Boston rolls and. . . Philadelphia rolls? Second pictures is my tuna maki and nigiri. Nom nom. I have such bland tastes.

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