Saturday, March 12, 2011

life drawing: probs the final.

Didn't get nearly as much done this week as intended, but you know, I got quite a bit finished. (Especially given that a large part of today was spent freaking out about earthquakes and tsunamis. Oh laws. Actually been flipping out about more or less all day -- see tumblr, contemplating chicken.)

Pretty tense about going to London tomorrow. . . super excited, too, but tense. It's the feeling of having to switch off autopilot that gets to me. Home is so safe, that I kind of resent giving up even a little bit. Even the littlest bit.

In any case, I won't have great internet access for a while, so I'm trying to get my online presence (hahahahahahaha) into order while I'm gone. Twitter, Tumblr, what have you. (I even set up text message Tweet and Facebook updates! yeah, finally.)

As far as the actual interview goes, I'm moderately terrified that they will ask me a question about current reusable materials/reusable materials engineering/other thing I absolutely can't answer about properties of materials, but, you know, I'll brainstorm on the plane and cross that bridge (over an abyss filled with flaming pikes) when I get there.

Enough nattering. Drawings.

The model this week was skinny and muscle-y, so fun to draw. I thought the warmups went well.

Not to be gross or anything, but he had proportionately obnoxiously large junk. I sort of wanted to leave it blank, but you know, um. Yeah. you know. (OKAY YOU KNEW I WAS GOING TO AT LEAST COMMENT ON THE SLIGHT WEIRDNESS FACTOR AT SOME POINT.) This drawing is really shit, by the way, as if you couldn't tell.

This drawing, not so much shit! despite being finished ten minutes before time was up. cough.

If the left eye wasn't too big this would sort of look like the model through the face. As is, I still rather like it.

Argh I hate the final lying-down pose. This was, again, finished way before time was up. His butt was not this big in real life. Oops.

In other news, my comma key keeps detaching and MAKING ME VERY ANGRY.

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