Monday, March 7, 2011

a rather busy week.

On Saturday at about 1 PM I leave to go to London for my interview.

Between now and then, there is quite a bit that must be done.

Things directly pertaining to London.
1. Finish packing. Most of my clothes were selected this morning. Certain things will have to go in the morning of -- glasses, cell phone charger, Nook, Nook charger. (Moderately terrified of taking my Nook, but what's the point if not international flights?) Certain things just haven't made their way in yet, but could probably go now -- such as my plug converter (I have 1 (one).)

2. Purchase a new padlock/combination lock.

3. Make sure I have travel sizes of shampoo and conditioner. I am not interviewing with dirty hair, by George.

4. Print maps. Copy maps as needed into notebook.

5. Do maintenance on clothes; iron things that ought to be ironed; possibly buy a brown skirt; get some jelly inserts for shoes; sew buttons onto things.

6. Alert Verizon of the fact that I shall be in London and need my phone to work.

7. Alert bank and credit card companies of the fact that I shall be in London and need my cards to work.

Things relating to my future.
1. Finish Fontainebleau application and email it in.

2. Send in Fontainebleau application check.

3. Finish TU Delft version of my portfolio.

4. Write remaining 150 words in TU Delft purpose statement.

5. Inquire as to the status of my TU Delft recommendation letters.

6. Contact the Oakhouse people again to ascertain that I have a living place whilst in Japan.

7. Write thank-yous to my recommenders.

Things (artistic things!) relating to friends.
1. The Mary Beth thingy, which she knows about.

2. The Alyssa thingy, which she sort of knows about.

3. The Marilyn thingy, which neither she nor I fully know about yet.

Things pertaining to general life and life-iness (most of which shan't be done before I go to London, but should be done before I go to Japan.)
1. Clean my room. No, really. And get rid of crap. I'd really like it to be in a state that I can feel comfortable about leaving for three months.

2. Go through all my boxes of books, sort the ones out that can go to Goodwill, and consolidate the rest into fewer boxes. I've started on this, at least.

3. Reorganize the crap in my closet so it is more accessible. If possible, put up a bank of shelves in there to stack boxes on. Throw out more crap.

1. I'd like to do two Lang-8 entries this week.

2. I'd like to finish the movie I was watching (The Remains of the Day) tonight and post a blog entry about it.

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