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If you would like to buy prints, iPhone skins, laptop covers, hoodies, or t-shirts of my artwork, you can do so at my Society6 page. I have prints of many of my drawings from Kyoto, Paris, and Iowa, as well as some of my more fanciful work.

Here, you can buy limited edition linoleum prints of my art and blank notecards with my artwork printed on the front. Each card is printed on bright white matte cardstock and comes in a white envelope. They all fit in standard invitation envelopes, 4-3/8" x 5-3/4".

I will soon post an entry about the process of linoleum printing, but you should know that it is a home printing process that produces a limited number of prints from a hand-carved linoleum plate, each of which are a little different from one another. Each one is printed with colorfast ink on bright white cardstock.

I am only able to ship to within the U.S. at this time. Shipping and handling fees are $5 for orders up to $40.


New: A French Gentleman limited edition linoleum print - $15

There are 20 of these prints. I hand-colored each one, and no two are quite alike. There are four colors of French bulldog in the series -- black or black/white, fawn, cream, and brindle. If you would like a specific color of bulldog, please make a note in your Paypal order; otherwise I will just send the next sequential print. The print shown above is print no. 3, with a brindle bulldog and purple bow tie.

Each print is numbered, dated, and signed.

See below for A French Gentleman notecards.

New: A Very Fine Fellow limited edition linoleum print - $10

I made 20 of this black and white linoleum prints (inspired by the inimitable Mr. Stubbs) on bright white cardstock. Each print is numbered, dated, and signed.

New: A French Gentleman card pack

This is a card pack of the first five prints of the limited edition A French Gentleman linoleum prints shown above. 

Pack size

Mixed Iowa pack (includes The Only Way Out Is Up, Purple Up Over the Hills, Farm Quickie #1, Farm Quickie #2, and Barn Window.

This is a selection of watercolors done with my plein air group in September-November 2011 in southwestern Iowa.

Pack size

Mixed travel sketches pack (includes black and white sketches of Kiyomizudera, the British Parliament, Notre Dame, the Piazzetta di San Marco, and the Barcelona city museum chapel.)

I drew these during trips to Barcelona (September 2010) and Venice (October 2010) while I was working in Madrid, London for a graduate school interview (March 2011), a weekend excursion while I was working in Kyoto (June 2011), during the first part of workshop near Paris (July 2011.)

Pack size

The Only Way Out Is Up card pack

I painted this while lying on my back at the Gleason Hubbell Nature Area.

Pack size

Purple Up Over the Hills card pack

This watercolor was a done during a very bright but cold September morning at the Loess Hills Lavender Farm.

Pack size

A Few Reflections on an Elegant Curve
(Yoshida Jinja, Kyoto, Japan)

I sketched this roof (which was over a basin of water for purifying one's hands at the shrine) the first or second weekend I was in Kyoto (May 2011.)

Pack size

Pegapup card pack

These cards are not-so-loosely based on the family Sealyham Terrier, who at thirteen years old still has a lot of personality.

Pack size

For the Heart-Hungry card pack

This cartoon sums up how I feel about travel in general . . . I wish I could have the whole world all at once.

Pack size

Bostonia card pack

I based this watercolor on a photo I took on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston during a site visit for the third studio (Spring 2009.)

Pack size

If you have looked at my artwork at Society6 and see something you would like printed on a notecard, leave a comment below.

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