Friday, April 8, 2011

radio silence

(Omaha from the Council Bluffs side -- looking pretty sprightly on an April morning)

I have actually been working on a post about my trip to London for more than a week.

Does this prove that I am super lazy? POSSIBLY. Does it prove that I have a lot to write? INDUBITABLY. Does it prove that Tumblr is super duper addictive and most of my writing skills have been dumped into writing silly captions and somewhat thoughtful responses to other people's blog posts? Er. . . RAIN CHECK.

(Seriously, though, I am still navigating what should go on this blog and what should go on that blog? HOW DOES ONE DELINEATE???)

In the meantime, here's some stuff from a short jaunt to the Old Market last Sunday.

Mom and I decided that, given the splendid weather, we ought to run down to the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge and take a walk. I, admittedly, wanted to take some pictures, especially after noting that Sasaki (architecture firm out of Boston) was engaged in developing the Council Bluffs side. I spent a lot of time trying to take sneaky pictures of Mom, as above.

This line is not in the middle, but I forget which state gets to claim more of the bridge.

I have decided that after being uber-lazy about fixing up my photos for4+ years, it has finally come time for me to regularly break out the Photoshop to fine-tune the levels and hues. (Looking back toward the Omaha side.)

We walked down toward Rick's Boatyard Cafe as well, and found this sculpture, dedicated to union workers and other laborers. I found it extra neat because from the sculpture you had a clear view of the 480 interstate bridge, which my grandfather worked on when he was in the Carpenters' Union in the 1960s (he was building formwork for the big concrete piers.)

After said walk, we split -- Mom went to the Crook House to help put up an exhibit, and I went to the Old Market to walk around some and take more pictures.

This sculpture (which sometimes has water running over it) in the Passageway always has been and always will be super creepy.

I ate at Vivace, mainly because there was outdoor seating and the menu didn't look too ridiculously expensive. It ended up being about $18 for my lunch, but I also got soup and a Diet Coke. These were included -- they are sponged lemony fritters with a raspberry jam syrup dipping thing. Tasty.

I did not take a picture of my soup, but it was tomato bisque with onions, and it was ALSO very tasty.

My meal. Super pretty and reasonably tasty, though it had too much fresh basil (grassy!) and not quite enough parmesan in the tortellini (bland). Also there aren't a whole lot of tomatoes available at this time of year that aren't like Styrofoam, but I guess I can't blame them for that.

Dear hipster guy with white jeans, red scarf, and long hair: I hope you intended to your acoustic cover of Nelly's "Ride With Me" to be hilarious, because it was.

A good day.

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