Wednesday, February 9, 2011

life drawing #3

Life drawing occurred again this week (after choosing to skip last week to avoid being killed in an avalanche of snow. Okay, I exaggerate. Slightly.) From the files of the immature, this week was a DUDE. Slightly disconcerting. Also interesting was the exhibit they had up of other attendees "best of" drawings so far. This week I decided to give charcoal another go. I'm not exactly expecting to produce any great art in this class, so I might as well utilize the chance to experiment. Sadly, I realized that the brown pastels I had purchased were definitely intended for a toothier paper than the cheap-ass newsprint I have been working on. :(

These were the 2-minute warmups. I thought some of them were interesting.

Question of the night: How to indicate copious amounts of body hair convincingly?

More charcoal. I thought this one was pretty horrible, BUT it set up some okay hand drawings:

Pencil. I decided I was done with charcoal for the night.

Top-of-the-head shot! Pencil. My favorite for the night.

I didn't photograph this well (his head is not quite so squished in the actual drawing), but still, it was not one of my better 40-minute poses.

In other, somewhat disturbing news, I discovered that is both an American Apparel and an Urban Outfitters in the Old Market. NOW YOU KNOW.

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