Monday, February 7, 2011

exhausted by snow

Things I have been doing in the fortress of unholy snow (besides beginning two three blog entries that I can promise you are all over the place):

Watching videos on the "It's Kingsley Bitch" Youtube channel. Yes, I laughed out loud. A lot.

Currently listening to: "Howl" and "Cosmic Love," Florence and the Machine; "Fuck You" and "Wildflower" by Cee Lo Green, "Aurora" by Origa, and a variety of less interesting music. This video is pretty great.

This photo editorial makes me want to punch puppies in the face. (Not really, nothing actually makes me want to punch puppies. But it does make me want to punch the photographers and the model.)

(For some mysterious reason I had a Google window open with the phrase "peruvian toothpaste" typed in the search box.)

A project for me before April: I've promised a friend a calligraphied version of poem by Francis Quarles.

A house designed by the office where I hope to be interning this summer.

Speaking of which, design boom is another comprehensive design blog that I always mean to keep up with and never do. :/

Also speaking of which, I've been wanting a somewhat nicer looking backpack to carry my computer in when in Japan; thinking about this one. (The over-the-shoulder bag I used in Spain was okay, but if I don't have to carry my 8-lb Dell in a bag that puts undue and sometimes painful pressure on one collarbone, I would prefer not to.)

Random cool maps of Tennessee.

Vanessa Jackman, a promising looking fashion blog.

I'm actually not too impressed by the Google art project -- I think it lacks curation. But, nice idea.

File under "things I've discovered by way of Lang-8:" The works of Shoji Ueda, a Japanese photographer

Pretty sure I've blogged this before, but I'd really like to make an effort to keep up with the Miss Moss blog. Nice stuff. Very nice.

I've been spending so much time in front of my computer that my butt is numb. I am ready for spring LAST MONTH, please.

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  1. I recently discovered Florence + The Machine and LOVE "Cosmic Love" and a few others. Just wanted to mention that.