Friday, February 25, 2011

grammatical notes on the worst lang-8 post yet, PART TWO

The learnification continues! (As well as another picture from the Durham Western Heritage Museum above.)

21. リンカーンが暗殺(あんさつ)された時 = at the time when Lincoln was assassinated. Apparently this is the time to pull out the "sareru" form -- emphasizing that it was done to him. Also, "ansatsu suru"= to assassinate.

22. ポケットの中入っていた物 = the things that were in his pockets. no naka haitte ita = to be inside! ARGH I KNEW THAT WHY DID I FORGET THAT.

23. It seems to be preferable to say, "These things made me feel sad," rather than "these are sad things."

24. 冠詞(かんし)=a, the. 記事(きじ) = article, news story. Meaning that I confused "article," as in "the proper article" with "an article in a newspaper." DAMN YOU ENGLISH FOR HAVING SUCH DISPARATE MEANINGS FOR CERTAIN WORDS.

25. 場所, basho, is "location or place." I knew that! I just forgot it.

26. の両方に, "no ryouhou ni," as a phrase after two items means "both."

27. If I want to use the particle phrase "kara no" to indicate "from" (as in "train lines from") for multiple items, it should be used once after all items have been listed.

28. "Issho," as in "together," as in "to come together," is 一緒, not the other kanji that sounds like it.

29. Use the 年 (nen, year) kanji after dates.

30. 人々, hitobito, means "everybody, people, a person."

31. "Western Heritage Museum" can be written 西部歴史博物館-- せいぶれきしはくぶつかん -- seibu rekishi hakubutukan.

32. 列車より電車の方が良く使われる言葉だと思います-- I originally said, "I think that [the word for] electric train is better than [the word for] regular train," but it was corrected to something more like what I really meant -- i.e. "I think that the word densha is more frequently used than the word ressha."

33. I knew that "ja" in negative sentences was a contraction of "de wa," but I didn't realize that I should be using "de wa" in my written entries.

34. I've never been terribly good with polite request forms, despite the fact that we seemed to covered them for months and months in class (it was probably only one month.) This form was suggested to me to ask for a good word:「Train 」を日本語でなんと言ったらいいでしょうか?教えていただけませんか?


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