Wednesday, February 2, 2011

graphic v. 1.1

and a few other things.

First, the graphic:

Second: Movies! I have been watching some! Namely The King's Speech and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. The costumes, oh they are lovely! I'll have to post some stills soon, at least from the second one. (The dialogue and acting were pretty good too, but the costumes for some reason are sticking with me.)

Right now I'm struggling through Bridget Jones' Diary and finding it less delightful. Sigh.

Third: Fun things.
Babies in Paris. A selection of photos from one of the blogs I read regularly, showing her and her twin sister right after they were born, being lugged around in various contrivances in Paris.

Perhaps an unusually lovely Swedish apartment? From Desire to Inspire. Lots of midcentury furniture mixed with minimalism and some older-period pieces. I usually have a love/hate relationship these sorts of postings -- love, they're gorgeous, I want to have a house like that someday; hate, they're totally fake, I would hate the people who actually lived like that all the time, and I never will.

This video (posted on lang-8) makes me giggle. I believe that the title is, more or less, "The Grumpy House."

Researching this for reasons I don't wish to elucidate at the moment, but there are amazing state history resources online (this one is a "Tennessee Encyclopedia." no, I'm not moving to Tennessee.)

As I had hoped, has some excellent French resources (along with their excellent Spanish resources and slightly-difficult-to-wade-through Japanese resources. Here, expressions with avoir.

A very pleasant tumblr theme (though not the one I'm using currently.)

Incidentally, I discovered that to fly from Tokyo to Paris and then home at this time would cost about $1700. No reason.

Snapshot of what I'm looking at. . .

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