Tuesday, February 15, 2011

life drawing #4!

Indeed. Re-discovered the joys of China marker (why is it called that???)/grease pencil.

Today was good day for the 2-minute sketches.

This is horribly disproportionate! Her legs are all wrong! Her neck is too long! But, I included it because I was happy with the shading I got with my happy little grease pencil. I will note, however, that the face on this drawing actually resembles the model.

For some reason the red grease pencil in my set doesn't write as easily? I don't know, maybe it's got some extra crap in it. It's still fun though.

Foreshortening, which I think I may have exaggerated past the bounds of sense and good reason! Oh well, at least you can tell what I was going for.

The final 45-minute pose, which I only spent 30 minutes on because. . . because. . . because. Yay shading!

Note to self.

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