Monday, April 19, 2010

you'll never see your little piggie friend again

Just got back from a three-hour walk around Boston. Certainly time well spent; it's gorgeous out today, and the Boston Marathon necessitated some creativity in routing which led me to some places I'd never been before.

This also included a 10-minute stop at Mike's Pastry (man, how I love that bakery) in the North End, where I overdosed on almonds for the week: an almond paste macaroon, a crucanti macaroon (which is covered with crunchy toasted almonds), and a pig-shaped piece of marzipan. It occurred to me as I walked back down Bowdoin street, munching on my bounty, that I should have waited until I got home so I could take pictures of the goods to share here. What, me, have self-control? Nah.

The one difficulty was with the pig. The mold they used made it look so. . . friendly. There's just something weird about eating a friendly pink pig with blue frosting eyes. . .

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