Friday, April 16, 2010

pottery party time

I'm pretty dang happy with what has come out of the kiln in recent weeks. Unfortunately I didn't throw anything for two weeks (combination of schedule overload/tiredness), so I only have one thing coming through the glaze kiln right now. Hopefully I can use the four-day weekend (woot Patriots' Day) to not only make major progress on le thesis but also to throw some more stuff. I still have a list of objects that I would really like to throw successfully before the end of term -- a large pitcher, possibly a really tall pitcher, a teapot, another goblet, a small cup or two, and a really large mixing bowl -- especially given that this is the last time for a while that I can expect to have inexpensive access to a pottery studio/kiln.

These guys were my first attempt at mixing bowls. They shrank a LOT in the kiln, so they are not really very big at all. They do fit inside each other, which I like.

I love this glaze combination a lot. It's somewhat tricky because almost anything on top of Shino runs a lot, which means you can get unpleasant scenarios where the glaze melts off your bowls and sticks it to the kiln shelf. Not that I've ever done that.

I AM SO PROUD OF THIS GOBLET. I threw it in two pieces and stuck it together. It is THE BOMB.

Mediocre little bowl, but I love this glaze.

This vase, while not being particularly remarkable for its shape (I'm developing quite a collection of ambiguously-shaped cylinder-type thingies :P), shows a glaze combination that I think works really well.

Similar glaze combination using translucent green instead of blue. This bowl is hideously lopsided. . .

This bowl, however, is not. While I'm not usually one for subtle colors, I think the cream-on-cream type scheme is most pleasant.

I can't really take credit for how awesome (in my humble opinion) this mug came out; my teacher helped me salvage it from just a weird-o lopsided vase thingy into a lovely curving mug.

Site dump! Cool stuff from the interwebz that I have found in the past week and a half.

A blog about AMPERSANDS.

Inspiration for classy web design.

Threadless, but for greeting cards.

A blog featuring a different collection every day.

Dogs as typefaces. I think I am not alone in my hording of fonts. . . every time I design another poster I go online and download 10-12 new fonts, just to make sure I have exactly the right one.

Advice for combining fonts.

Ted Talks! These are informative, innovative, interesting 10-20 minute talks on a huge range of subjects. Brilliance.

I can't decide if
this is fascinating, funny, or just utterly depressing.

This is SOOOO AWESOME. The idea itself is cool, if basically untenable. However, what I find cooler about this is that I have taken two classes with Sam Kronick, the bearded guy at the end of the slide show, where he focused on the development on this project. There's just something neat about being able to say "I KNOW THAT GUY."

Food blogs. OMGOSH.
This one is by a former TA of mine.

I feel a little weird about the fact that
this blog has almost ceased to discuss food. . . I used to bake and cook a lot, but after I moved to Fenway I almost stopped entirely. Baking is a social thing. You can bake or cook only for yourself, but it is utterly unsatisfying. Yet if you are baking for others, you open yourself up to painful rejection, particularly if you make anything that actually took effort and skill. I realized I need to be able to ensure a minimum amount of resultant delight, either my own or that of others, for baking to at all be worth my time.

Yet another interest to work into my future life. :P

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