Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After a spate of hating every "daily deviation" I saw on deviantart**, yesterday and today I found five or six pieces that are most delightful.

Stairs. As they said, the composition is nice, but I love the architect who designed the stairs even better.

A dust bunny ballerina. Is this not funky and delightful?

Unnnngh I crave these delightful watercolors.

Dissolving. I like everything about this, but particularly the free use of mixed media textures.

Light. This painting has so few strokes and such a feeling of light.

Crocodile. This is possible the best crocodile ever.

** Tiny rant time. Note to all deviantart folks: I recognize the skill and the beauty in your nude portraits of women. I really do. But realize that every time you post or praise another picture like this, particularly when there is no corresponding male nude with his face obscured being touted as "art," you are laying one more straw on the "women are objects" camel's back. Why can't you please, please try to either address that ugly subtext or do something different without it?

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