Sunday, April 11, 2010

inserting page breaks

I feel like such a grown-up blogger, inserting page breaks and all.

Still trying to improve the readability of this blog. . .logistically if not content-wise.

I guess part of my problem is that some of the blogs I enjoy reading (such as this one) are not really in compliance with all the recommendations that are out there for blog design. What this blog has that other blogs don't is a compelling story of someone's life and what they are learning about being a human being in real time. (In the aforementioned blog, it helps that she is learning about life as an exchange student in New Delhi. Man, it would be cool to go to India. Or anywhere. Moving on.) That said, it's a little hard to translate from "what would I enjoy reading" to "what would other people enjoy reading."

And now, to whittle down the list o' cool stuff that I have been bookmarking for the past week while thinking, "gee, I should mention that on my blog:"

Threadless. Cool t-shirts! Unfortunately I misjudged their sizes and ordered one that is too small. However, my main thrill from reading this website is noticing that one can submit t-shirts and possibly make money! Oh man. While I realize that the competition is fierce (today there are 680 designs under consideration), the thought of being able to tell my dad, "Look, I made money for myself! Doing something I really enjoy!" is pretty exciting.

The designs that I think I would start revamping (this is for a weekend in May when I have time :P) are the Mikado design (see above) and the Pericles design, both of which I thought made really good t-shirts and for which I got lots of positive feedback. Besides removing the text, I'd want to change it from an outline-y design to one using blocks of color. I think it would be nice on a cream-colored shirt with 4-5 colors (orange and pink for her kimono, same pink for the cherry blossoms, gray for various outlines, and probably blue and green for the fans.) More of an all-over design would also be preferable. Hmmm. . .

Moleskin art. So I'm not so much of a moleskin junky. They're nice but not brilliant, and way too expensive for something I don't always remember to use. However, I love sketchbooks. It's a little painful to look at now (because looking at one's own artistic growth is always painful), but man oh man how I loved filling up sketchbooks when I was in middle school. There's just something about a beautiful physical object that no computer portfolio can match.

Fubiz, a French-language design blog. No, I don't read French, but the pictures are interesting.

My studio professor last term went on and on about these round houses in China. He was full of crap about a lot of things, but dang these look cool. I don't know when I will be able to go to China, but I'm adding it to my LIST.

Modern ruins.

Swiss Miss page 17. Yes I know I already blogged this. But seriously. I got to page 17 on my blog binge before I realized I had a problem and had to stop.

Girls with slingshots comic. I don't remember if I've already mentioned this or not. But it's really cute so I don't care. I do resent the fact that I tend to think in comic strips for a couple of hours after reading a few, though.

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