Thursday, March 18, 2010

where do the dead stories go

Embarrassingly enough, after writing that last post I crashed and slept for 10 hours.

I have a lab notebook entry to finish, but I have been working pretty hard for the last three days, so instead I am going to post the end of a story that we wrote as a class for Japanese. It is probably pretty horrendously ungrammatical, but here we go. [EDIT: Yup. I still haven't had the guts to go through and make all the suggested changes by my teacher, partially because I find it very difficult to read her handwriting.]

(Note: Should you be using Firefox, you should totally download an awesome gadget called "Rikaichan," which allows you to mouseover kanji and see their meanings/readings. It's pretty awesome and saved my bacon whilst catching up on the rest of the story.)

(My translation of what I think I wrote immediately follows each paragraph.)

Suddenly I said, 'You are very rude!'

'What? Me?' said the loud voice.

'Yes. I would have rather Yuuko's father had killed me with his gun than be told that I am going to die because this is the last chapter! Before I just thought I was living a strange life, but now, I understand I am only a character in a story. Probably I am twenty or thirty kilobytes on someone's computer. Why did you tell me this? If I didn't know I was something made by a confused author, I could die happy.'

「実は 大勢の慌てている著者達だった。授業に先生が学生達にこの話を作らせて書かせました」って答えしました。
'Actually, there were many confused authors. . . A teacher had her students write this story for a class,' it answered.

'Stop talking! Stop!'

The big voice became quiet. I didn't hope it would extend my life. When it first told me I would die, I was angry, but quickly I felt dumb and sad. 'What should I do now?' I said to myself.

'Well then. . .'

I looked up, but I still couldn't see the source of the loud voice. 'You're not helping, so be quiet,' I said. If I'm going to die soon, I don't care about polite words.

「私も終りの言葉の時に死ぬ。何でもの話に中の誰でもいつも同じ死亡者がある。」大き 溜息をつきました。風みたいで木の葉が囁きました。「死ぬ前に、何かを見せるつもりだよ。」
'I will also die at the last word. In any story, anyone inside has the same death.' The loud voice sighed. There was something like a breeze, and the leaves of the trees whispered. 'Before we die, I intend to show you something.'

We left the Prudential Center. (yes this story is set in Boston I didn't get to pick leave me alone.) I think we went upwards. Something became black and I couldn't see, so I don't know for sure. (oops I found a mistake.) I couldn't see the person with the loud voice (oops there's another one.) but in front of me there was something thinner and whiter than the blackness. We arrived in a strange place. It was thick and black, but slowly various forms and people and colors started to become visible. I found Yuuko and her father and was very startled, but they quickly faded into the darkness. (This story started out with Yuuko, the main character's girlfriend, whose father has just escaped from prison and had also, two installments before, threatened the main character with a gun. I didn't pick it, and I forgot to write my installment pre-ending, so I can't complain.)

'Wait.' The loud-voiced person had become something that looked like a ghost. 'If you wait here, you can see interesting things. . .'

やっぱりたくさん面白い物と人ありました。水彩絵具で描いた人達を見ました。あんな上品な人は 浮かび上がました。 「宮崎駿の映画の書き物みたいです」っていました。
Indeed, there were a great many interesting things. I saw a number of people who looked like they had been painted in watercolors. Those graceful people floated upward. 'They look like drawings from Hayao Miyazaki's films,' I said.

The loud-voiced ghost said, 'Of course. Mr. Miyazaki's stories are here too. Mankind has made a thousand hundred million stories. Usually those stories are not finished and thrown away.'

前に多彩な馬が 駆りました。「外の終わった話をゆっくりに忘れちゃった。」
Before us multicolored horses galloped. 'Other stories which are finished slowly end up forgotten.'

'That's sad!'

'No. When they have left from the minds of men, they come here and are mixed. Now they can go become people inside of new stories.'

'I think I understand,' I said. 'But (dammitall that's an obvious mistake I should have caught that) as for me. . .? Am I dying now?'

'Probably, you will be born again, and enter another story that is apparently the same. It won't be exactly the same, but. . .'

I am still here in this strange black place. Sometimes I see Yuuko and her father, but they go away too fast for us to meet. I am hoping for a new story soon. . .

Man, that's meta. I would have put somewhere in there, "メタです," but I wasn't sure it would translate.

Now, for more work.

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