Saturday, March 6, 2010

NYTimes strikes again

Darwin foes add warming to targets.

Er. . . all right, I guess.

I attribute the fact that I have no great religious conflicts about evolution to the following exchange, which occurred between me and my mother when I was about 5.

"Mommy! Where do dinosaurs fit in the Adam and Eve story? Is one of them not right?"

"No, dinosaurs and Adam and Eve are different. But they're both true. . . don't worry too much about it."

And I haven't.

As for global warming, I aggressively do not care. Saving energy? Sure, I care about saving energy. I'll go work on that. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT GREENHOUSE GASES, CARBON FOOTPRINTS, OR AL GORE. I'm just going to focus on saving energy. Leave me alone.

I know what compromise about teaching these issues in schools would make me happy. All the little kids would learn the scientific theory, and then the next day, we would talk about reasons why these theories are challenged by certain groups of people who aren't scientists. Reasons like, "They feel it challenges their religion, which is central to their way of understanding the world," and "They worry that it undermines the value of life." I think the sooner kids learn that things are not black-and-white, the better off they will be . . .

Another conversation, between myself and my talented-and-gifted teacher in fourth grade:

(me) "People who cut down rain forests are bad!"

(my teacher) "Not necessarily. . . sometimes they have no other options to make a living."

We all have reasons for how we act. . .

Reading The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov, for Literary Society. So far the most interesting character is Satan.

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