Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Abstract City, by Christoph Niemann.

An architecture friend emailed out about the most recent page in this blog, but I really enjoy the leaves.

Actually I really like the whole blog so far. . . it is very very charming.

Speaking of things that are charming.

I follow about 20 artists on deviantART, primarily fantasy artists of various sorts, since my account there is kind of a leftover from my somewhat more single-minded high school days. Nowadays I mainly look through the "Daily Deviations," for things that are beautiful, unexpected, fun, or otherwise wonderful.

That being said, I still heartily enjoy most of the artists I watch. A German illustrator I love both for her style and content is cidaq. Her illustrations are charming (there's that word again), whimsical, a touch scary, and altogether rather magical.

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