Wednesday, January 26, 2011

life drawing #2. . .

Missed life drawing last week because I was finishing up applications. I managed to get to Hotshops with no problem. . . sadly coming back was another story. Ugh. Damn you Old Market and your damn one-way streets and your damn streets that don't go through and your damn shitty signage.

Without further ado. . .

I attempted charcoal with this one (a ten-minute pose). . . not horrible, but not fun. I am not a charcoal fan, nor do I use it to its best advantage.

The photography is horrible, but hell, it's just a sketch. FORESHORTENING (and a 5B pencil) FOR THE WIN. This was the best of the night.

Graphite is weirdly reflective. . . I chose to edit this in a bizarre fashion. Also her head is slightly too big. Hmmph.

This was the forty-minute pose. . . not particularly impressive.

I got a large pad of newsprint at Blick last week, and I'm discovering the difficulties of "filling up more real estate," as David Diaz said in the talk he gave at the Joslynn a week ago. :P

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