Monday, January 10, 2011

movies I want to see

So many!

  • The King's Speech (Colin Firth! Helena Bonham Carter! Geoffrey Rush! Holy freaking SQUEE!)
  • Wild Target (Rupert Grint in a movie that is NOT Harry Potter -- O_O)
  • True Grit (no, I never saw the original, but I could see it with my dad!)
  • The Fighter (I feel attracted this movie because it happens near Boston and because I want to see how the screwed-up family dynamic plays out. . . pretty sure I won't actually like it.)
  • Love and Other Drugs (might be utter crap, but Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.)

    Movies I do NOT want to see: The Black Swan. Reasons: A) Looks like there are several gross-out moments and B) I have approximately zero faith in Natalie Portman. Maybe it's not her fault that she has been in all these movies with terrible writers, but the thing is, SHE KEEPS TAKING THE ROLES.

    At some point I should probably watch Inception too, but meh.

    (Inspired by this.)
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