Tuesday, September 21, 2010

things I feel guilty about

1. In all the time I have been living in Madrid, I have taken out the communal trash in my apartment once. It always seems like someone does it before I ever think of doing it -- showing that my tolerance for filth is much higher than average.

In my defense, I have bought all of the toilet paper for the last three months, the hand soap, and the dish soap. This comes out to a total investment of. . . er. . . 15 euros on my part. I'm not sure if I am making my case better or worse.

2. Despite the fact that they are a preppy, shallow, overpriced company, that does not make clothes for people shaped like me, I love J. Crew. I love their stylists. I love a lot of their products. I insist to myself that I'm just "studying their catalog so I can find things like these elsewhere for less," but will I actually do that? No. Probably not. But I still enjoy flipping through.

I love these shoes. These shoes + skirt + gray opaque tights = yes.

A selection of the "fall looks" from the website. What do I like? Skillful use of neutrals. Heels with socks. Structured jackets -- LOTS of them. Gray opaque tights. Textured skirts. Sparkles in an otherwise very plain ensemble. Skinny jeans that I imagine I could wear without looking like . . .unnnh maybe the Venus of Willendorf.

More fall looks. . . I also really, really like their menswear section. The two hats and bracelet are from the men's category. I also love the middle dress.

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