Saturday, August 21, 2010

things to do this weekend

1. submit my second Threadless design (it's done, I'm just figuring out colors and placement and stuff. :P)
2. submit a few things for
3. visit Mejorada del Campo, if time and nerve allow
4. purchase plane ticket to Venice (!!!?)
5. buy a new Moleskin at Reina Sofia or Paisajes (multilingual bookstore and all-around good time) or whichever store I find one in first -- my other one is almost entirely full (!!!?)
6. put up my pictures from Granada
7. realized that I have yet to write detailed blog entries for ANY of the travel that happened the last three weekends -- Salamanca, Paris, or Granada. do something about this.
8. maybe maybe maybe go to J&J's books for a used copy of Eat Pray Love? (I feel embarrassed that I want to read this book so much, but the similarities and disparities of the story to mine and other acquaintances' experience strike me most forcibly.)

I would like to note that I bought a week's worth of groceries (by my estimation), including toilet paper (which is kind of expensive here?), for about $20. The downside of this is I did it by not buying cookies, fish sticks, or anything remotely exciting, except for a red pepper to make my inevitable pasta glop more flavorful. I may have to resort to eating cabbage as a side dish. . .there really aren't that many supercheap veggies available to bulk out/give interest to one's pasta.

Ah! but I am not a martyr. I have budgeted to have a postre most working days (well, at least 3 of 5). Postre = dessert. I have realized that the amount of enjoyment that I get out of a cookie is far greater when I am munching on a few fresh lazos during lunch break at work -- next to the park, or even at my desk (where I was the last couple days working feverishly on t-shirt stuff), than that received from inhaling an entire slightly stale (but still tasty! oh yes, still tasty) package of lazos over the course of eight hours.

Let us hope this budgetary diet does not fail miserably.

(Also, I was unable to resist getting a Coke. But tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow I will resist.)

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