Sunday, August 22, 2010


I don't think Mejorada del Campo is happening. I was too unproductive yesterday, and my portfolio is languishing in a state of horrible disrepair.

Also, I am deciding whether I ought to shave my legs or not, based on four factors:

1. The hair on my legs is kind of blonde, so it's hard to see, right? Probably no one will notice.
2. But the hair near my ankles is darker. (WHY IS THIS.)
3. Shaving one's legs is a stupid practice made up by razor companies to sell more razors. Boys don't do it so I shouldn't either.
4. I actually find the hair on my legs kind of gross. Well, mainly just the hair on my ankles. Maybe I should just shave my ankles.

This is what happens when I have time to think.

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