Thursday, July 15, 2010

organizing my desktop/brain for some serious sketching

One lesson I forgot from yesterday: Do not believe you will be able to fry onions and a breaded fish fillet in the same pan and have both be tasty. It's awkward; the onions end up burnt and the fish fillet ends up soggy.

Went to a meeting thing for the organization which is funding my internship in Madrid, PromoMadrid. The meeting was entirely in Spanish; I would say I understood about half of it, and could have understood more had people spoken a bit more slowly. We were supposed to talk about our opinions and experiences in the PromoMadrid program. Most people said they were happy to work with MIT (please, shiny diploma, please help me convince people that I am good to work with) and that three months maybe wasn't long enough. (Hear, hear!)

Words that I learned/re-learned from mini-conference: estancia (stay), apoyo (backing), bastante (enough), aprovechar (to make the most of). I also got a small red bag and a tourist guide to Madrid out of the morning.

Sorry for the frenetic nature of this post, but I have a lot of sporadic/frenetic thinking that needs to be organized. I am constantly searching for internships/scholarships/colleges/what-have-yous as I plan what to do after Spain, and it's very hard to keep track of it all. Right now I have four schools on my "definitely apply to" list -- Glasgow School of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Royal College of Art (London), and the Delft University of Technology. I'm also contemplating the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, because their architecture program has a semester on furniture design integrated in the course of study.

Of course, all this makes me wonder about my (realistic) possibilities of getting into a school such as these. I very much don't know at this point, but I do know that my portfolio requires some serious gussying up. Right now it is in a state of . . . chaos? misery? horror? psychosis? pure mediocrity? Something like that, anyway. It's in utter shambles and doesn't include my most recent. . . six projects, actually. Oy.

That probably should top the list of "projects I really want to get done while in Spain." Some of my materials are at home, but I have the majority on my external hard drive. I wish I had access to some of the materials we used in my portfolio class; most of the portfolios I find online are too slick and too busy.

Other "while in Spain" projects include Threadless t-shirt submissions (ha! to think I thought I would have one done months ago, as well as a bit of real writing (maybe a short story or two?), and whatever searching I can do online for jobs, internships, places to submit designs and writing, etc.

In line with insane projects. . . though I know I should be focusing on Spanish (and I am! really! I read stuff and look up words, and try to listen hard to the people around me) or possibly brushing up my Japanese, I find that I am becoming preoccupied with the NEXT LANGUAGE. Which will it be? French? I'd love to work in Paris, but it seems impractical when all I know how to say is "I'm tired" in the national tongue. Italian? Ditto there, except I can't say even that. It disappointed me a bit when I realized that I couldn't really even catch any words from the two Italian guys who work in my office. Ditto the working thing, too. German? Lots to see in Germany. Russian? Well, not particularly practical, but no less so than Japanese. Also, it has the added benefit that I love how it sounds.

For now it's pretty much all online lessons and muttering to myself, I fear.

Bits and pieces from my day searching for furniture inspirations.

Next time I visit New York. . . I will visit here.

AWESOME dress.

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DESIGN JOB LISTINGS. OMGOSH and I am QUALIFIED for some of these jobs.

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Incidentally, I have decided that I hate Philippe Starck.

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