Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a bit more

I have decided that, after six and a half days without it, to get out the iPod for my jaunt to work and the lunch hour. No, it's not the safest thing ever to have my ears plugged up, but mine is nice neighborhood, I won't be using the iPod whilst walking after dark, and I desperately need the energy jolt music can provide while I am coming up off of caffeine.

I found this list of warning signs that you are seriously addicted to caffeine:

Do you frequently feel fatigued throughout the day? Do you rely on caffeine to maintain your energy level? (Holy crap yes.)

Do you find it difficult to concentrate without a cup of coffee or your favorite soft drink? (See: My entire college career.)

Do you suffer from severe mood swings or PMS? (Um maybe.)

Do you have frequent headaches, severe heartburn, or high blood pressure? (Yes to the heartburn.)

Do you often feel dizzy? (Usually I know when this is because of caffeine or interactions with other stuff, but I guess you could say that.)

Is it difficult for you to fall asleep at night? Do you often wake up feeling exhausted? (No, and yes.)

That's. . . ~5.5 out of 6. Also found another site that claims you can suffer "mild depression" during the withdrawal phase, which would potentially explain my slightly glum atmosphere the last couple of days (coupled with moving stress, of course.)

Un suspiro largo. . .

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