Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thesis dump!

Here we have a collection of completely sporadic images from my thesis in no particular order, such that I can take a break from the actual thing and simultaneously assert that Yes I Have Been Doing Things Thank You Very Much.

Radiance rendering of the inside of the Logan Christian Church before renovations in the 1960s and 1970s. (9:00 AM. Probably in December.)

The stupid Pisgah church which I cannot find a construction date for -- or if I have found one, I've lost it in amongst all my sources.

Harrison County re-mapped in Gill Sans.

Energy comparison chart for Missouri Valley and Logan Christian Churches before renovation (blue) and after renovation (green).

It's Brigham Young.

North arrow from a Sanborn map of Missouri Valley.

Logan Christian Church in 1901.

Same church? Why no. This is a church in Moorhead, which unlike the Logan Christian Church did not burn in 1904.

An original window from the 1901 Logan Christian Church, used again in 1904, given to the Moorhead Church during remodeling in the 1970s, and returned in the last decade.

Sanborn map from a time when Missouri Valley had money.

Thank goodness that Ecotect has a "section" command.

Logan Immanuel Lutheran.

I was supposed to have my draft done yesterday. I WILL HAVE IT DONE TONIGHT.

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