Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have moved my base of operations from my room to the music room (room on the first floor that used to be the dining room; is now an all-purpose living room with couches and a piano) for now. I find it is more difficult (though still possible) to fall asleep down here, it's usually been less hot, and I find the noise and the company comforting.

An upside/downside to this is that the TV with cable is in the music room. I don't (no seriously, I don't) watch TV myself, but when others are down here, I am more than willing to be distracted (frequently) from my work by whichever movie is playing.

To that end, in the last five/six days whilst hanging out/working/chatting, I have seen all or a large part of the following movies:

  • Daria: Is It College Yet? (excellent. but then there is reason all of us liked this show in high school, even if we (by which I mean me) had to go to our (my) friend's house to watch it.)
  • Master and Commander* (EPIC. but I missed a lot because they all mumbled a lot.)
  • The Patriot (also pretty great. remember back before Mel Gibson kind of sucked? this movie is how the U.S. wants to remember its history.)
  • V for Vendetta (maybe a strategic 25% plus explanations of this one.) (this movie is actually identical to The Patriot in a lot of ways, but with more explosives and a female main character.)
  • Hellboy* (Guillermo del Toro is awesome! I've mentioned another film he directed -- El Espinazo del Diablo on this blog before. Also fun about the version we watch were the interludes before commercial breaks when they talked about how they achieved the special effects. Lots of CG, but also a lot of intricate mechanical bits and pieces and wonderful makeup, particularly for the costumes.)
  • Blade (TOO. MUCH. BLOOD.)
  • His Girl Friday (this was actually the one I checked out. This movie is all about Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell being snappy and justifying being horrible people by being newspapermen, and Cary Grant standing around doing the, "Look at me! I'm Cary Grant and I'm so tall and elegant!" bit.)
  • The Punisher (didn't mean to watch this one. I left for the apparently horrifically violent scene in the middle with "the Russian" and various piercings getting pulled out.)

    * Movies I plan to find again and watch the parts I missed sometime.

    I had seen precisely NONE of these movies before. I think I know now how it is that everyone in the world has seen more movies than me: They all have cable.

    Also an episode of "World's Greatest Warriors" or somesuch on Spike TV, which consisted people shooting at targets with sixshooters, Winchester rifles, and Tommy guns, while grumbling in a manly fashion at each other. Oy.

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