Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am lab fail.

I am lab fail. Today in 7.02 lab (introductory biology lab, with a molecular focus) I discovered that "PE" and "PB" buffer are not the same thing.


I need to set up some sort of pottery photography location. Most of my pottery thus far has gone the way of Christmas presents with nary a whisper of documentation, but I think (I hope?) I have progressed far enough that some of the things I have made are decent because of actual personal intention.

Notes about glazes:

* "Ron Roy White" on top of "Rosy Dawn" on the white clay was a good idea; sort of a peachy-pinky base with a white cap. The pot is ugly as hell, unfortunately, but the glaze is nice.
* I am sick of browns.
* "Randy's Red" on the interior of a brown clay pot is sort of streaky rusty red with medium brown and chocolate brown. V. nice.
* Mix the cobalt blue better.

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