Saturday, February 13, 2010

dear american apparel

your ads look like cheap porn. you are scum.

love, sharon.

dear h&m,

you are good. I love my gray skirt that drapes at the front; I love my silk-and-cotton blend shirt; I love my ugly-yet-fun turquoise shoes (which were the only flats I found today that neither a) cut into my feet nor b) cost more than $40.)

love, sharon.

dear victoria's secret,

theoretically, seamless panties are a good thing. they help one avoid the horror that is thongs and also not feel awkward about having panty lines and not caring.

however, why do all your seamless panties feel like they are made of recycled plastic? or possibly tires?

love, sharon.

dear zara,


(after I have money.)

(and I learn to walk gracefully in heels.)


love, sharon.

I obviously have been reading far too much girly blog of late; must control myself. It's rubbing off.

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