Sunday, January 31, 2010

the new year's resolutions have gone all to hell.

Today I sliced off the skin on the tip of my thumb. I then proceeded to swear profusely for twenty minutes because I was so angry at myself, as I was dripping blood into the sink, on the floor, et cetera. This moderately scared the other people making cucumber sandwiches in the kitchen.

This was after attending the European Career Fair, an event that I attended with utmost trepidation. I spent 45 minutes there before my only pair of nice black shoes, a pair of 2.5 inch heels with very slightly pointed toes, made it expedient for me to leave. I garnered no job offers, left no resumes, but successfully obtained the names of two places I could apply for grad school.

Which leads to: Sharon's current opportunities. In alphabetical order. (Not really. I mean, maybe.)

ASCA (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture) Re-Ligare Design Competition

Source: Architecture departmental email (woot)

What: A design competition for a community center thingy in an urban place thingy

Why: It frankly sounds kind of dumb and time-intensive. But I'm not in studio this term and it would be good portfolio-fodder.

Follow-up: Registration (free, another reason to at least give it a shot) due February 9. Project due May 19.

Barilla Pasta Company

Source: European Career Fair.

What: I'm not sure. However, they have "Communications and External Relations" (writing? speaking?), "Marketing" (advertising? advertising design?), and "Research" (food scientist?) departments, all of which are "continuously accepting candidates for internships."

Why: Their website claims they have a "variety of positions" (not actually a direct quote) in 40 countries. Also their application is short.

Bauhaus University Weimar

Source: European Career Fair

What: Master's degree

Why: It's called "archineering." I'm not sure exactly what this means, but it sounds interesting.

Follow-up: There is some sort of German education commission: I hear tell you can get money to go study German in Germany beforehand, too.

Delft University of Technology

Source: European Career Fair

What: Master's Degree.

Why: They have a joint master's program in civil engineering and architecture. Also they're in Delft. I hear tell this university is more reasonably priced than MIT. (Okay, just checked. It is more reasonable -- just not great -- about $12,000 a year. And I probably couldn't get shit for scholarships.)

Follow-up: Applications due April 1, 2010.〈=en Also I should email the lady I talked to at the career fair.

Kelly Essay Prize 2010

Source: Random surfing of MIT website

What: A writing competition for humanities; two $800 prizes

Why: Money. Also a good reason to do a dry run of my thesis. (other competition have money prizes too, but most of them I am so unlikely to win I didn't mention it in the "why" section.)

Follow-up: THESIS @#$"@423$#@#ing research. Deadline: April 22.

KMD Architects internship

Source: Architecture departmental email

What: 3-month summer architecture internship on the west coast; paid (minus plane tickets)

Why: Resume fodder. It's paid. I don't have enough backups. It probably won't take that long to apply.

Follow-up: Yeah, the portfolio thing again. The application is due April 1.

MADFAB design competition

Source: MIT + Architecture departmental email.

What: A competition to design a digitally fabricated bench or low table.

Why: Portfolio fodder. Also furniture design is awesome.

Follow-up: Register (read: brainstorm some kind of idea) by February 5. Develop proposal by February 19. Create a design prototype by March 29.

MIT Impact Week

Source: Really.

What: Propose a community development project before March 1 OR just work on some other project during Dead Week.

Why: Resume fodder.

Follow-up: Brainstorm. Or just wait until dead week.


Source: You guessed it

What: Architecture internship. Probably.

Why: More Japanese practice, so I can claim moderate fluency without lying through my teeth. Also familiarity with Tokyo/Japan. Also because. . . I miss Tokyo?

Follow-up: Portfolio. @#$@#%. And letters of recommendation.


Source: MIT, la

What: Could be an architecture internship (but will only be 3 months). Or could be an urban planning research job (could be 6-12 months.)

Why: I studied Spanish in high school. I'm taking Spanish III next term. I hear Barcelona is cool.

Follow-up: Letters of recommendation. Also updating my $@)$ %*$)(*@)$(%*)@$(ing portfolio.

Also must decide which of these seems most Sharon-like:



NABA Interior Design Master Course

Source: Architecture departmental email

What: 8-month design program in MILAN, ITALY.

Why: IT'S IN MILAN. Also there are scholarships available. And the application is short. (ONCE MY PORTFOLIO IS DONE. . . .)

Follow-up: The application is due March 31. Portfolio.

Also thesis. AGH.

So, what have we learned? I need to make my portfolio a working document, and SOOOOON.

Good night. . . .

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