Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I should tell you about


Things I should really tell you about at some point.

Chapter 5 (currently missing): My 4th of July Weekend (aka America Day) in Japan.

Chapter 6.5: My adventures with Eriko-san and Kiyoka-chan (I get to call her that because she is under two.)

Chapter 7-7.25-7.5-7.75-so on: My MASSIVE ADVENTURE in various locations throughout Japan.

Chapter 8: Day in Kamakura with Toshiko-san and Kyoka-chan (I get to call her that because she is six.)

Chapter 8.5: Awa Odori dancing festival. Perhaps with a retroactive entry about practicing.

And maybe another rant on her work. Who knows?

. . . Erk.

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