Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun times in Tokyo: Interim entry

Experienced my first earthquake tremor tonight. I was so stunned I didn't move or anything. But yes, I was scared. It wasn't a major tremor; the gas for the stove didn't even flip off.

Walking out to get myself dinner and some more butter for baking, I saw a four-inch long cockroach wiggling out its last in the middle of the pavement. I felt like barfing on the street.

I am, as aforementioned, attempting to bake. It is intimidating. I have a toaster oven and two burners and nothing else. I am trying to bake bread in a pot on the stove, after having baked cookies three at a time in the toaster oven last week.

Finally, I would like to note that even the really weird French guy (who I can quite frequently smell from five to seven feet away, and who I once encountered "practicing magic tricks" in front of the communal mirror in the kitchen at 2 AM) in my guesthouse seems to have a Japanese girlfriend. I am a little bewildered by how easy it seems for white guys to get Japanese girls to date them. The Australian dude in the house also has already a Japanese girlfriend.

I swear I will post more entries soon.

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