Friday, November 18, 2011

first two orders of cards shipped. also, Pegapup Christmas card ideas. also, pie. also, bread.


This is the second order. Actually I shipped my third order today but I didn't take a celebratory picture because it needed to be rush shipped.

Here we come to my Pegapup Christmas card (or holiday card if you like, as I don't really feel inclined to put writing on the inside) ideas. I have two. This is the first one.

If this looks like a card you would like to buy and send, please leave a comment to that effect on this post. They would be more expensive ($3.50 apiece, or 5 for $16) than my regular cards because of the cutting involved. In the next day or two I will also be posting my other Pegapup Christmas card idea.

 In other news, pie! I made two more Dutch apple pies (this is yesterday's; today's was in a small foil pan so I had to heap it really high to make sort of a Dutch apple mini-mountain.) I am now four pies away from fulfilling my ten-pie contract for my mother.

Finally, here is some cinnamon bread I made to send away in a care package to a friend. Yummy. (There are two more loaves, one of which I already, ah, quality-tested.)

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