Sunday, December 12, 2010

continuing application struggles

I wish I had done a Christmas countdown calendar on my blog. . . it would be fun. I also wish I could do one of those "gift guides," but I'm crappy at that kind of stuff, and besides I'm not buying anyone anything, I'm just baking stuff.

Perhaps I shall count down the last. . . 12 days to Christmas.

In any case, things I really, really need to get done today (plus a bunch of things I need to get done, but maybe not EXACTLY TODAY):

1. Write a purpose statement for MIT explaining how I intend to research intersections between daylighting, historic restoration, health, and energy savings (that REALLY has to happen today);

2. Fix the plan on my quarry project page (i.e. make the plan of what I added lighter and easier to see);

3. FINALLY finish the photomontage for the final 4.114 project that I have been working on for the last week (:P);

4. Finish updating the sections of the 4.114 hanging house project so they are legible.

5. Do what needs to be done to get a clean plan exported from my 4.112 Sketchup model (i.e. download Sketchup Pro for an 8-hour trial and use its superior exporting capabilities to bring plans/sections into Illustrator and AutoCAD -- urgh);

6. Re-scan my 4.113 final project plans, the files of which have mysteriously disappeared;

7. Edit the final 4.440 project poster text down to something that will fit on my blog;

8. Write clever (ha!) blurbs for the projects that don't have them;

9. Contemplate upon some way that I can parse/showcase the boutique furniture project designs into something coherent;

10. Contemplate upon a way to make my research figures pretty.

and hopefully during all this I will figure out a way to incorporate some of the clean/professional looking formatting/drawing styles that I keep finding on classmates' portfolio sites. Le sigh. Sometimes working on portfolio stuff is kind overwhelming. . . I think the reason that I finished my personal work pages so much sooner than the architectural project pages, besides the fact that I am trying to update/improve all the drawings associated with said projects, is that nearly every one of those projects has specific memories of cruel reviewer comments/design failings/crying during reviews associated with it. Yuck. And, as I clean up old drawings and fill in the blanks of things I didn't have time to produce before, I wonder: Are these projects genuinely bad? Would I have gotten better reviews with the drawings I'm producing now? I don't know. It's really difficult for me to sort out my anxiety about actually getting into a graduate school vs. anxiety about how well I did in the past vs. feelings of inadequacy when compared to my classmates. I made some interesting but questionable choices at MIT, leaving me with a lower grade point and less design courses overall comparatively. . .and a minor in bio. Sigh.

Things I should like to do:

1. Write more about Paris;

2. Put up a "favorite things" post for quick and silly fun.

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