Sunday, December 27, 2009

stuff that interests me

for those of you are real people out there, I have a feeling you have no idea how much time your average dork college student spends surfing the web.

1. DID YOU KNOW there were three assassination attempts made on John Paul II's life? Once by a Turkish gunman who may have been backed by the Soviet Union, once by a right-wing Spanish Priest, and once by an al-Quaeda funded group in the Philippines. All failed, of course.

(with the obvious disclaimer that, I know, it's Wikipedia. It may not all be true but oh how I love surfing the information overload there.)

2. ALSO from wikipedia:

This U.S. map show, by county, what the largest ethnic background is of the people living there. It's quite fascinating, and in some ways a little surprising. (I don't believe it's a majority, just the largest group.)

3. Raw coconut has 350 calories per 100 g from sugar and fat. It also has B and C vitamins, as well as other nutrients.

So when Canadian Survivorman in the Costa Rica episode is complaining about not having enough food, and he's surrounded by coconuts and has a knife, he is full of crap.

4. I am trying to start a new habit: Googling "puppies" and "kittens" for pictures. This will replace my old habit of reading horror movie summaries on Wikipedia.

5. Do you find that you have hours of extra time on your hands? Balderdash! Kill them kill them kill them!

No kidding. There is a tourism niche for riding a horse around the world (or different horses in various places around the world).

I am personally scared of horses, but I saw this chipper lady on TV riding around Wales on a cobb looking at mountains and castles and stuff. WANT.

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